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Data below is as of 04/01/2019

Data Quality Standards Reference
2. Data Accuracy
Information entered into the HMIS database needs to be a valid and accurately representation of information on the people that enter any of the projects contributing data to the HMIS database. Inaccurate data may be intentional or unintentional. In general, false or inaccurate information is worse than incomplete information, since with the latter, it is at least possible to acknowledge the gap. Thus, it should be emphasized to clients and staff that it is better to enter nothing (or preferably “don’t know” or “refused”) than to enter inaccurate information. To ensure the most up-to-date and complete data, data errors should be corrected on a monthly basis:

a. 95% of data entered into the HMIS database must reflect what clients are reporting
b. Staff entering information into the HMIS database must enter information as stated by the client. Every project must enter data on clients in the same way over time, regardless of the staff person that is recording the data in HMIS.
Please contact us through out Help Desk for assistance.
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